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We enable Entrepreneurship with Community+Marketing+Capital for Growth and Success.

Yes! Entrepreneurs have innovations. Your innovation can become a success story with our marketing expertise and media connections. Together we can have an impact and solve the challenges that growing cities face daily. Today 54% of the world population live in cities and by 2050, 66% of us live in urban areas.

Growing cities face new challenges 

We can solve the world’s biggest problems
by designing smarter cities  

Together with urban innovation, digital marketing and growth models and by access to capital you can make an impact and solve the biggest problems we face in our daily life.

Join the family of innovators for growth and success

The City Family helps millions of people every month. We help thousands of companies to succeed in the digital world.

Join our community of innovators, enjoy the ideas of other growth minded people and get access to capital.

Join the City family and accelerate your idea into a success story!

City Family is a network of growth minded people and companies. Our independent companies run media, provide advertisement tools, support your international operations manage  big data pools, marketing expertise and ad network.

City Family is building strategic ownerships and our whole family is ready to help you grow faster as a person, with your ownership value, your business models and an impact in growing cities.

Together we can make this world better. We organize world class events. We share ideas, publish books, teach lean startup methods and provide consulting to help our customers grow faster.


Reinvent Media and Information

City Family works in the media industry to help people find the most interesting news and information about events and restaurants in the City Magazine. We want to enlighten your day by publishing happy moments and entertainment.

Platform Economy

Reinvent Global Restaurant Discovery

City Family members and companies innovate new services and content for multiple digital platforms. Best known services are EatAndTheCity, EatPass and TableOnline table reservation software. Feel free to use our services or contact us to create your own digital service or platform.


Reinvent Daily Life

City Family companies and customers innovate new services for our daily lives. Success stories include, and EatAndTheCity is a widely used restaurant software, table booking and media platform in Northern Europe and it’s growing fast. A TV Guide and a car classifieds site provide relevant information to its users. Together the City Family members and companies help millions of people weekly with world class services.

Reach and Interact

Reinvent Marketing &
Digital Commerce

City Family provides its customers with advertising solutions and tools. The largest online advertisement network Improve Media is one of our member companies. City Family helps with Content Marketing. Digital sales and Online Commerce are growing and City Family helps customers with a unique global logistics company, which has customers in over 100 countries and is the largest online shop for Finnish goods catering for the needs of Finns living around the world.

Drive with Data

Reinvent Data and
Automate Processes

City Family’s members and companies provide in-depth knowledge in Big Data management and Artificial Intelligence. Our success stories include M.A.D. where we help architects to design world class buildings and to create building information models to streamline smarter cities. City Family Companies streamline business life and for example Samex is the smoothest, most streamlined and used Export/Import software used in the Nordics.


Reinvent Your Business
or Accelerate Your Startup

City Family’s member City Dev Labs provides consulting services in different areas. We help companies to design new services, new infrastructure, new platforms, new processes and use data to create a competitive advantage. Innovative process models and strong background in growth businesses, digital marketing and media helps City Family members and companies to create sustainable businesses. We organize events, publish books, support academic research and create unique tools to help your business to be reinvented and developed for sustainable growth. As a City Family Accelerator member, you have access to growth capital and you can accelerate your business.

Motto: Do what you love and what makes people happy.

Digitalization and innovations can help humans to lead better lives. We love people. We love to help our customers. We are proud of our enthusiastic team. Believe in yourself. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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1 Totally 77 M served
Our Strategic Ownership Companies

City Family enables Entrepreneurship with Community+Marketing+Capital for Growth and Success

City Family (City Ventures / LavasDesign Ltd) is the parent company of City Magazine, City Digital, Improve Media, City Dev Labs  (formerly W3 Group Finland),, EatAndTheCity, City architecture design company M.A.D., Samex,, TV Guide, Asennemedia,,, EatPass,, and Duunitori.

The Key To Success: Hiring People Better Than You

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


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Business Insider recently wrote that EatAndTheCity´s global expansion project got 3.3 Meur funding recently to create the Google of Restaurants. EatAndTheCity is an online platform for restaurant discovery. This week, the biggest Finnish Trade Newspaper Kauppalehti wrote that EatAndTheCity can make a big impact and has already attracted internationally known media bosses to join the […]

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