Timeline of LavasDesign

Era of Internet has started. Someone has to be first ones in providing services.1.8.1996 Lavas founded his first company

Lavas founded his first company when he was only 17 years and still at high school. His friend asked if he knew anyone who could make web page for friends company. Ilkka said “Yes I can do it!”. Soon he got his first order, called to friend who had bookkeeping agency and started a first startup.

First scalable startup1997 Artic.net


Online Shop for Cartoon Artist J. Tilsa

Web sites and web development

First exit1997 Artic.net EXIT, Internet Service Provider (ISP) -business, IT-support

Time was not right. We were ahead of our time with artic.net so I decided to sell it. Later Lycos Spain / Spray Sweden bought it.

Fast growth on web development2000 Second Exit: Internet Service Business

Second exit: Nettipaja Internet Service Business to Clarinet -> Saunalahti -> Elisa.

W-create growing fast (predessor of W3 Group Finland Oy).

IT-Support business accelerated by buying Computuki Oy.

Survived the IT Bubble and 9/112001-2003 difficult years

We had hard times. 2001 IT bubble followed by 9/11 and global recession hit us hard. But we did not give up. We survived. We decided to spread our portfolio to multiple strategically owned businesses to be stronger in future.

Success Quote

Second business in Portfolio2004-2005

We founded the first ever free dictionary in Finland: www.ilmainensanakirja.fi

We published our first book about positive things in entrepreneurship: Luontainen Yrittäjyys (Natural Entrepreneurship in Finnish)

SaaS business and eCommerce2006-2008

We established our second eCommerce site Suomikauppa.fi . (First one was 1996 J.Tilsa’s Cartoon shop.)

We bought Kaannos.com wikidictionary site.

New EU Direction came out and pushed all companies to do customs declarations electronically. We established Samex Import & Export SaaS company to help companies in international business.

We turned around spam fighting company NO Spam Service to profitable company and all shares from it’s previous owners and investors.

Software business acceleration time 2009-2012

W-Create renamed to W3 Group (W-Create). Finnish Teleservice Center acquisition and integration to W3, Tietoexpertit acquisition.

Softsizing acquisition and turnaround.

Micro Aided Design, strategic invesment.

Karkkigalleria founded, working at Suomikauppa.fi premises.

Computuki buyback

New Drupal company strategic investment.

Ostohyvitys (Bonusway) strategic investment

NO Spam exit to D-Fence.

Entering the Media Industry2012-2014

City –Magazine acquisition.

Huililehti and MoonTV strategic investments.


City Digital establishment and Magazine turnaround

City Magazine

Accelerate Media Business2015-2016

City-print comeback and return to be #1 city magazine (1,1M copies, 4 times a year)

KlikkiNetwork advertisement network acquisition from KlikkiCom Oy

Improve Media – advertisement network strategic investment together withA-lehdet & City Digital.

Telsu.fi tv guide

Auto1.fi classified ads car site for new and used cars

Asennemedia – establishing the leading agenture of blogs

TableOnline booking software acquisition

Eat.fi acquisition from Bonnier / MTV Finland

KlikCard gift card strategic investment

Investment in Jalo IT education and security consulting company.

EatAndTheCity first sold lisence in Germany. Offices in Germany, Estonia, Finland.


We have now customers in 100+ countries, on high peak times we reach 75 M people around the world. This is a good start. Now we want to help people and be more local in the countries. We have now offices in Finland Helsinki, Kerava, Pori and Estonia Tallinn but we want to be bigger. It is time to be more international.

LavasDesign business is going global

LavasDesign business is growing globally